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  • Please supervise your children in the garden at all times. There is an 8ft waterfall at the end of the garden with a sudden drop and deep water. Please be reminded that entering the brook is prohibited. 

  • There is parking for a maximum of two cars, please do not block the road or cause nuisance to the neighbours by parking inconsiderately.

  • Please make sure that all windows and doors are locked when you go out and when you check out.

  • Please do not wear shoes in the house. Young children play on the floors and we like to keep a high level of hygiene. Please take extra care with muddy shoes when entering the house.

  • We do not allow smoking anywhere inside the house. If you smoke in the garden please make sure that cigarette butts are properly disposed of, otherwise an extra cleaning charge will apply.

  • Please do not use hair dyes or any chemicals that may stain fittings, furnishings or towels.

  • Please do not put hot pans directly on the quartz countertops. Please wipe up spills on the quartz countertops and dining table quickly to prevent staining.

  • There are a number of locked cupboards in the master bedroom and utility room. These contain our personal belongings, please do not attempt to open them.

  • Please do not disturb the neighbours.

  • Please use the grey towels in the garden. White towels are for use in the bathrooms only.

  • Please use plastic glasses only in the garden.

  • Feel free to use the pizza oven, but please do clean after use.

  • If you do break anything, please let us know so that it can be rectified before the next guest.

  • Please use the bin the kitchen to separate your rubbish for recycling and then place in the correct recycling bins outside when checking out.

  • There are many books for your enjoyment whilst in the house, please do not remove them.

  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser are all provided for your use whilst at the property. Please do not take the refillable bottles.

  • Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

  • We provide a number of things to get you started on your stay - this includes one basket of firewood, some laundry detergent, tea, coffee and dishwashing pods, toilet paper and kitchen paper. We do not replenish these during your stay. 

  • Please do not unplug or move the phone chargers provided.

  • Please take care of your keys, replacements will be charged for as well as a charge for the time required to fetch and provide you a new set. 

  • The chimneys have been closed off in the reception room and bedroom, please do not attempt to use these fireplaces. Fires can only be made in the woodturners in the living room and kitchen.

  • Please do not switch off the electric boiler.

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